Jul 21, 2009
Success Of 2nd Scouting Team Trial In Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Dumeck Arnaud Tano Haiba, Scouting Team country manager Ivory Coast, successfully realised his second trial in Abidjan. In the time from July, 12th to July 19th in 2009, 50 young players have been trained and tested by Tano Haiba and his coaching team, in order to observe each player and analyse their individual skills and playing qualities. All players had been selected from different clubs and football academies allover Ivory Coast.


Finally after a week of intensive training and careful selection, Tano Haiba and his staff have picked 4 new players from the Ivory Coast that will be represented by Scouting Team:
- Lucien Aka (14/12/1993), Striker from the Lion Star's football academy.
- Cissé Baba (10/01/1996), Offensive midfielder from the Union Sportive de Koumassi's football club.
- Théodore Kobenan (22/05/1992), Full back from Ocean's football academy.
- Aboubakar Diomandé (15/10/1992), Striker from Marine football club.

The 4 new Scouting Team young talents will start a training with L1 professional football club SOA (Societe Omnisport de l'Armée) in order to be integrated into the club's football academy.

Scouting Team, Mr. Tano Haiba and his team want to thank all the clubs, the football academies who have sent their best players to this sport event and all the coaches who participate in order to supervise and train the young players.

Mr. Tano Haiba starts to work about a new trial in Abidjan, in September 2009, for players U20. For any queries about this trial, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Tano Haiba on:

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