Jul 13, 2010
Scouting Team Ivory Coast: 6 Players Selected By The Ivoirian FA

Scouting Team Ivory Coast is happy to announce that 6 players of the Scouting Team squad have been selected by the Ivoirian FA, after the final of the U18 tournament. These players will be invited for the next local national training camp with the U18 national head coach and the best ones will integrate into the U17, U18 and U20 national teams.
All these players have been scouted and trained by the local Scouting Team manager, Mr. Tanoh:
- Alain Serge Lahiri: Goalkeeper
- Guy Eric Tape: Full back
- Fabien Loua Dagole: Offensive midfielder
- Sebastien Yao: Offensive midfielder 
- Zo Bagnin Ella: Striker 
- Hugue Boke: Striker
For more details about Scouting Team Ivory Coast, do not hesitate to contact us: or to contact Mr. Dumeck Arnaud Tanoh Haiba:

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