May 15, 2008
New Feature On Website: For All Scouting Team Network Partners - Messaging System

Scouting Team have integrated a new exclusive feature for Network Partners: An internal Messaging System. The new Messaging System enables all appointed Network Partners to communicate with each other from any location and computer in the world, simply by logging into the website with the personal login datas.

Sending Messages: Click on the section "Partners" at the top menue. After the opening of the Partners page, choose the partner you wish to send a message to, by simply clicking on "view full profile". When full profile page has been entered you will notice a link at the top: "Open a chat with...". Now click on this link and a message window will open. Simply enter your text into the message field and submit by clicking the "Sent Message" button. Your partner will receive the message in very short time.

Receiving & Deleting Messages: After logging into the website with the personal login data, you will notice a new section "Message" with two sub-categories, "Inbox" and "Deleted", on the left hand side menue. When you click on the "Inbox" link, it will show all, new and not deleted, messages. By clicking on "Deleted", all deleted emails will be displayed in this folder.

Please check your Message folder on a daily basis!


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