Player : DAFOVSKI, Stefan

Players Agent: Netherlands  Netherlands
Lambregts, Matthijs
Representative Office: Bulgaria  Bulgaria
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First Name: Stefan Last Name: DAFOVSKI
Date of Birth: 14-02-2000 Nationality: Bulgaria  Bulgaria
EU-Passport: Yes Maritual status: Single
Height (cm): 196 Weight (kg): 87
Preferred Position: Goalkeeper
Other Position:
Current Club: Contract Expiration: Free Player
Current Club league's name:
Level of the league:
Type of Player´s Registration: Amateur
Foot: Both - but right preferred
Players Profile: Stefan is a young goalkeeper with good technical skills to catch the ball, to manage the long balls (crosses). He can use both feet to start the game from defence or to clear the ball. He's very secure and is a strong defensive presence for the team.
Achievements: Since 2018: Bulgarian International player U19
2017-2018: Training with the 1st team of AC Chievo Verona
July 2017: Trial at AC Chievo Verona (Concrete interest from the Italian club)
March 2017: Trial at Genoa CFC (Concrete interest from the Italian club)
2017-2018: Bulgarian International player U18
August 2016: Trial at Derby County FC (The English club want to invite Stefan for a 2nd trial)
2015-2016: Final of the Bulgarian cup U16
Since October 2015: Training with PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv L1 squad
2015-2016: Bulgarian International player U17
2014 - 2015: Bulgarian International player U16
August 2013: Participation to the Hulshorst International tournament
2012-2013: 2nd position in Bulgarian "Kids center" group U15
2012-2013: 1/8 final of the Bulgarian Cup U15
Other Information:
Period Club Country Current/Last Matches Goals
2017 (Jul) - 2018 (Jun) AC Chievo Verona - U19 Italy  Italy   18 0
2015 (Jul) - 2017 (Jun) PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv - U17 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   81 0
2012 (Jul) - 2015 (Jun) PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv - U15 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   96 0

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