Player : DOBREV, Viktor

Representative Office: Bulgaria  Bulgaria

Personal Info

First Name: Viktor Last Name: DOBREV
Date of Birth: 28-04-2005 Nationality: Bulgaria  Bulgaria
EU-Passport: Yes Maritual status:
Height (cm): 180 Weight (kg): 67
Preferred Position: Winger - left
Other Position: Winger - right - Midfielder - central, attacking - Midfielder - central, defensive
Current Club: PFC Levski Sofia - U17 Contract Expiration: 30-06-2021
Current Club league's name: U17
Level of the league: Level U17 - U17 Youth League
Type of Player´s Registration: Youth Player
Foot: Both - but left preferred
Players Profile: Viktor is a strong and sharp offensive player (he can play as winger or midfielder). He is fast, using both foot, with a good vision of the game, with good technical skills to provoke his direct opponents. He has a good positioning in the field. He likes to use the spaces. He is a leader in the field, he takes his responsibilities. He likes to organize and to control the game of his team. He is mobile and active during the game, to offer solution to his teammates. Viktor is a key man.
Achievements: Since 2020: International player U16 August 2019: Winner of the International tournament U15 in Albena (With Bulgaria, Greece, Kazakhstan, Slovenia) 2019-2020: International player U15 2018-2019: Winner of the Bulgarian national championship U15
Other Information:


Period Club Country Current/Last Matches Goals
2020 (Jul) - Now PFC Levski Sofia - U17 Bulgaria  Bulgaria 0 0
2018 (Jul) - 2020 (Jun) PFC Levski Sofia - U15 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   43 10
2015 (Jul) - 2018 (Jun) PFC Tsarsko Celo - Youth Leagues Bulgaria  Bulgaria   112 156