Player : SHOPOV, Stanislav

Players Agent: Netherlands  Netherlands
Lambregts, Matthijs
Representative Office: Bulgaria  Bulgaria
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First Name: Stanislav Last Name: SHOPOV
Date of Birth: 23-02-2002 Nationality: Bulgaria  Bulgaria
EU-Passport: Yes Maritual status:
Height (cm): 178 Weight (kg): 65
Preferred Position: Midfielder - central, attacking
Other Position: Midfielder - central, playmaker - Midfielder - right - Midfielder - left
Current Club: PFC CSKA Sofia - L1 Contract Expiration: 30-06-2025
Current Club league's name: PFG A
Level of the league: Level 1 - Top Professional League in Country
Type of Player´s Registration: Professional
Foot: Both - but left preferred
Players Profile: Stanislav is a technically gifted player who orchestrates the match from the center of midfield. He is comfortable using either foot. He combines pace with his excellent vision to assist the forward line with precision passes. Stanislav also works tirelessly for the team in winning the ball back and supporting his colleagues in midfield.
Achievements: Since 2019: International player U19
2017-2018: Winner of the Bulgarian national championship U17
2017-2018: Winner of the Bulgarian cup U16
19th January 2018: 1st professional game with PFC Botev Plovdiv, L1 Bulgaria (1st win and 1st assist)
2018-2019: Captain of Bulgaria U18
2018-2019: International player U18
2017-2018: Captain of Bulgaria U17
2017-2018: International player U17
2017-2018: Captain of Bulgaria U16
2017-2018: International player U16
Since July 2017: Stanislav is training with PFC Botev Plovdiv professional squad
2016-2017: Winner of the Bulgarian national championship U15
2016-2017: Winner of the Bulgarian cup U16
2015-2017: Captain of Bulgaria U15
2015-2017: International player U15
2015-2016: Winner of the Bulgarian national championship U14
2015-2016: Winner of the Bulgarian cup U14
Other Information:
Period Club Country Current/Last Matches Goals
2022 (Jul) - Now PFC CSKA Sofia - L1 Bulgaria  Bulgaria 0 0
2020 (Oct) - 2022 (Jun) SC Heerenveen - L1 Netherlands  Netherlands   1 0
2019 (Jul) - 2020 (Oct) PFC Botev Plovdiv - L1 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   41 3
2017 (Jul) - 2019 (Jun) PFC Botev Plovdiv - U19 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   74 18
2016 (Jul) - 2017 (Jun) PFC Botev Plovdiv - U17 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   39 9
2015 (Jul) - 2016 (Jun) PFC Botev Plovdiv - U15 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   32 9

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