Player : TODOROV, Krasimir

Players Agent: Netherlands  Netherlands
Lambregts, Matthijs
Representative Office: Bulgaria  Bulgaria

Personal Info

First Name: Krasimir Last Name: TODOROV
Date of Birth: 02-03-2004 Nationality: Bulgaria  Bulgaria
EU-Passport: Yes Maritual status:
Height (cm): 168 Weight (kg): 59
Preferred Position: Midfielder - central, playmaker
Other Position: Midfielder - central, attacking - Midfielder - right - Striker
Current Club: PFC Botev Vratsa - L1 Contract Expiration: Free Player
Current Club league's name: PFG A
Level of the league: Level 1 - Top Professional League in Country
Type of Player´s Registration: Professional
Foot: Both - but right preferred
Players Profile: As playmaker/support striker, Krasimir can play with both feet, he has a good finishing and he can link with every player in the field. Krasimir is a powerfull player, with strength and pace. He has good technical skills, a good first touch. He can play back to the net using a good protection of the ball. He is confident and he does not hesitate to provoke his direct opponent in 1/1 duel. Krasimir is a goalscorer and he brings a real offensive value to his team.
Achievements: July/August 2021: Summer pre-season with PFC Botev Vratsa professional squad January 2021: Winter pre-season with PFC Pirin professional squad Since 2020: International player U17 2019-2020: International player U16 2018-2019: Award of "Best Striker 2004" of the year May 2019: Training camp at Everton FC May 2018: Training camp at Manchester United FC August 2017: Training camp at Leicester FC 2016-2017: Winner of the Stara Zagora regional championship 2016: Elected "Best player U12" 2016: Elected "Best player" of the Balkanika Cup 2016: Winner of the Balkanika Cup 2016: Elected "Best goalscorer" of the Challenge Cup (8 goals in 5 games) 2016: 2nd place in the Challenge Cup 2015-2016: Best goalscorer of the league with 79 goals 2015-2016: Winner of the regional league U12 2015: Elected "Best goalscorer" of the Rose Cup (9 goals in 5 games) 2015: Winner of the Rose Cup 2014-2015: Best goalscorer of the league with 68 goals 2014-2015: Winner of the regional league U11
Other Information: From 2011 to 2014, Krasimir played at PFC Nova Zagora (youth leagues)


Period Club Country Current/Last Matches Goals
2021 (Jul) - Now PFC Botev Vratsa - L1 Bulgaria  Bulgaria 16 1
2021 (Mar) - 2021 (Jun) PFC Pirin - U19 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   18 6
2020 (Jul) - 2021 (Feb) PFC Pirin - U17 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   15 7
2020 (Jan) - 2020 (Jun) FC Twente - U16 Netherlands  Netherlands   0 0
2019 (Jul) - 2019 (Dec) PFC Spartak 1919 Pleven - U17 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   15 22
2019 (Jan) - 2019 (Jun) PFC Spartak 1919 Pleven - U15 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   17 12
2017 (Jul) - 2018 (Dec) PFC Beroe - U15 Bulgaria  Bulgaria   47 39
2014 (Jul) - 2017 (Jun) PFC Beroe - Youth teams Bulgaria  Bulgaria   112 128